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    PORTFOLIO Fill out this form if you have already accepted photos in the Sguardo archive category. Your portfolio will be created within 1 to 5 days, Thank You! Create your Portfolio Name Email City Instagram Profile Pic-Link(Black and White) Submit Thank You!

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    PARTNER Sguardo magazine gives the opportunity for unpaid partnerships with: . If you fit into one of these profiles and want to be one of our partners, just fill out the form below, and we will contact you as soon as possible. Agencies,Brands,Models and Designers (Make up and Fashion) Become a Partner Name Surname Email Instagram Team(Names and Functions ) Category Agency Brand Model Fashion Designer Beauty Designer Portfolio(Link) Send Thank you,we will contact you as soon as possible.

  • Fashion & Beauty:Stripes & Bright | Sguardo Magazine

    stripes & bright Fashion & Beauty CREDITS Photographer ALEKSANDRA KAWALEC ​ ©Aleksandra Kawalec ©Aleksandra Kawalec ©Aleksandra Kawalec ©Aleksandra Kawalec ©Aleksandra Kawalec ©Aleksandra Kawalec ©Aleksandra Kawalec

  • Fashion & Beauty | Sguardo Magazine

    Fashion & Beauty Intended for FASHION or BEAUTY editorials November.20.2020 Stripes & Bright October.20.2020 Follia Devastrice August.15.2020 Lucy in the City April.30.2020 Gold April.29.2020 Trash Bride April.15.2020 Opium Dec.29.2020 Female Portraiture Dec.29.2020 Mucubaji Dec.31.2020 Return to Innocence Feb.17.2020 A Russian Reender jan.01.2020 Tenderness in the air Jan.01.2020 Dark Princess MORE

  • A day in the retiro park | Sguardo Magazine

    A Day in the Retiro Park by:Daniel Bezier CREDITS Photographer DANIEL BEZIER ​ ​ Model CAROLINA MOR ​ ​ 1/5 ©Daniel Bezier 2/5 ©Daniel Bezier 3/5 ©Daniel Bezier 4/5 ©Daniel Bezier 5/5 ©Daniel Bezier

  • Natalia Verma | Sguardo Magazine

    Natalia Verma BEST OF ARCHIVE

  • Marta Contreras | Sguardo Magazine

    Marta Contreras BEST OF ARCHIVE

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