We made some questions to the photographer:Zuzana Valla

Tell us a little about your photography and your specialty. 

My name is Zuzana Valla I am based in Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom.

Originally from Slovakia. I was brought up in a traditional Slovak family,

growing up in the last years of strong communism regime and social transformation of Slovakia (formerly Czechoslovakia).

My father was a multiple boxing champion of Czechoslovakia while

my mother was a housewife raising three children in a small town.

My grandfather was a keen amateur photographer shooting in black and white, while my grandmother had been using special painting method to colour his photographs.

I am specialising in woman portraits photography, excited about capturing the moments

where beauty, sadness and mystery come together,

creating my unique visual signature trough body language.

Do you find it difficult for an artist to stick to his art, acctually? Was that a challenge for you? 

Yes, sometimes I feel no inspiration, I am having my quiet moments, where I don’t feel like I want to photograph anything. Before I was just waiting and let it to, but sometimes it was taking a months. Now if I don’t feel inspiration, I am trying new things, or finding new people and do photography anyway. New people inspire me, I like working in the team, it gives me energy and good vibes.

What are your greatest inspirations to create? 

I get inspiration from movies about Kings and Queens, old paintings and my melancholy moods

Sguardo magazine is trying to establish itself based on the idea of serving as inspiration for artists, so we would like to ask you to leave a message for the artists that are starting. 

Be yourself, find out what you like to photograph the most, what makes you happy and give you the joy. Then do something every day to be better or learn something new. Never give up! Ever!


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