We made some questions to the brazilian photographer:Mabru Rodrigues

Tell us a little about your photography and your specialty

Hello, I'm Mabru Rodrigues, Brazilian photographer, my background is in Performing Arts and photography. Before I started working as a photographer, I was a theater teacher in the interior of São Paulo. 

In 2017 I moved to the city of Rio de Janeiro, and started working as a photography assistant at studio Faya, I worked with him for a year and a half, in July 2018, I stopped being an assistant and started working as a professional photographer. 

I wanted to have my own identity, so I started creating my editorials, I create a concept and mix in my photos a little bit of my artist side, I like to create a conceptual photo, that tell a story, I can't define myself in a specialty because that would limit me a lot as a photographer. But I feel comfortable doing conceptual photographs, I like the creative process, for now this is what I do, but I am open to do any other type of photography that is proposed to me. 

Do you find it difficult for an artist to stick to his art, acctually? Was that a challenge for you? 

Yes for sure. 

In Brazil artists are not valued, when I did theater it was very difficult to survive on art here, with photography it is a little better, but it is still not easy. 

Gradually I am able to enter the market with the photos I take, I always adapt to what the customer asks for, and with that I take photographs. 

A lot is advertising and there is no way I can publicize it on my profile because they are more standardized photos. 

My photos are more valued abroad, most of the magazines that publish to me are almost all outside Brazil 

I have already given interviews about my photos in English, Spanish and Russian. It is always more valued abroad. 

I believe that little by little I am managing to conquer my space here, even though it is difficult I do not intend to give up. 

What are your greatest inspirations to create? 

I grew up on the farm, close to nature. I am always inspired by the memories it brings me; example: sunset, flowers, colors. I try to be faithful to my photography, to the concept and the colors that I think of when photographing. 

Can you tell us a little about the United Bodies project? 

United Bodies was born in May 2018, with my concerns as a woman, feminist and photographer. 

The vast majority of magazine covers always have the same profile, and this has always bothered me, the fashion industry is elitist, adopts a speech, but the profiles are almost always the same. 

A lot of diversity is missing! 

I created the project to talk about natural beauty, highlighting the beauty of each one, empowering diversity. 

When I photograph, I learn a lot, it's an exchange, an inexplicable energy, it's still in progress, there's a lot to photograph. I have a huge love for my project. 

Sguardo magazine is trying to establish itself based on the idea of serving as inspiration for artists, so we would like to ask you to leave a message for the artists that are starting. 

I advice as a photographer is ... study hard, research, and shoot a lot. Never under any circumstances let someone belittle your photograph. Defend your idea, and trust your potential and your intuition. Become what you dream, only you are able to make your dreams come true. 


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